Alphabetical List of Journals


Name of Journal

Aaj Kal (Urdu)

Accounts Chemical Research (P+O)

ACM Trans. On Asian Language Information Processing (P+O)

ACM Trans. On Interactive Intelligent System (P+O)

Acta Mathematica Sinica (P+O)

Action Research

Active Learning in Higher Education

Administrative Science Quarterly

Advance Synthesis & Catalysis (P+O)

Advances in Developing Human Resource

AEJ of Applied Economics

AEJ of Economic Policy

AEJ of Macroeconomics

AEJ of Microeconomics

Aerobiologia (Online only)

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Aiwane a Urdu

Al Baathul Islami

Al Daie

Algebra Colloquim (P+O)

All England Law Reports

All India Cases

All India Reporter

Allelopathy Journal (Online only)




American Economic Review

American Educational Research Journal

American Historical Review

American Journal of Botany (Online only)

American Journal of International Law

American Journal of Sociology

American Journal of Sports Medicine (With Sports Health)

American Minerologist (P+O)

American Philosophical Quarterly

American Psychologist


Analysis and Applications (P+O)

Annals of Bhandrakr oriental research Institute

Annals of Entomological Society of America (P+O)

Annals of Statistics (Online only)

Annual Review of Anthropology

Annual Review of Biochemistry (Online only)

Annual Review of Entomology (P+O)

Annual Review of Microbiology(Online only)

Annual Review of Phytopathology (Online only)

Anthropological Theory




Applied Optics (Online only)

Applied Physics B : Laser and Optics (Online only)

Applied Spectroscopy (Online only)

Asian Chitin Journal

Asian Economic Review

Asian Jrl. of Dairying & Research (P+O)

Bahuri Nahi Avna



Biochemical Journal (Online only)

British Journal of Criminology

British Journal of Educational Studies

British Journal of Psychiatry

British Journal of Sociology

British Year Book of International Law

Bulletin of Atomic Scientist (P+O)

Bulletin of Seismological Society of America (P+O)

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan (P+O)

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (P+O)

Business and Society

Cambridge Law Journal

Canadian Journal of Statistics (Online only)

Canadian Minerologist (P+O)

Cartographic Journal


Cartography and Geographic Information Science

Chartered Accountant (ICAI)


Chemical Reviews (P+O)

Chemical Society Reviews (RSC) (P+O)

China Reports


Columbia Law Review

Company Cases

Company Law Journals

Comparative Political Studies

Criminal Justice Review

Criminal Law Journal

Critical Enquiry

Cryptogami (Online only)


Culture and Psychology

Current Anthropology

Current Legal Problems

Current Science (Online only)

Current Tax Reporter

Cytologia (Online only)

Demography India

DESIDOC Bulletin of IT


Developmental Psychology

Discourse and Society (UK)

Econometrica (Online only)

Economic & Political Weekly

Economic History Review


Educational Administration Quarterly

Educational and Psychological Measurement

Educational Evaluation & Policy Analysis

Educational Researcher


Environment & Urbanization


European Journal of International Relations

European Journal of Political Theory

Feminist Studies

Fibre 2 Fashion

Fikro Nazar


Foreign Affairs


Gender Technology and Development

Geology (P+O)

Geometrea Dedicata (P+O)

Geophysical Journal International (P+O)

Geophysical Research Letters (P+O)

Granthalaya Vigyan


Group Processes and Inter Group Relations

GSA Bulletin (P+O)

Gyan Pravah

Hamari jaban

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Educational Review

Harvard Law Review


Health Psychology


History of Religions

History of Science

History Today

Human Rights Law Review


IDS Bulletin

IMF Economic Review

Income Tax Report

India Journal of Medical Research (P+O)

India Quarterly

Indian Bar Reivew

Indian Development Review

Indian Economic and Social History Review

Indian Economic Journal

Indian Economic Review

Indian Farming (ICAR) (Online only)

Indian Forester (Online only)

Indian Historical Review

Indian Journal of International Law

Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics

Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences (P+O)

Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics (P+O)

Indian Journal of Biotechnology (P+O)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (P+O)

Indian Journal of Chemistry A (CSIR) (P+O)

Indian Journal of Chemistry B (CSIR) (P+O)

Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology

Indian Journal of Economics

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (P+O)

Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile Research (P+O)

Indian Journal of Forestry (Online only)

Indian Journal of Genetics & Plant Breeding (Online only)

Indian Journal of Human Development

Indian Journal of Labour Economics (New Delhi)

Indian Journal of Marine Science (P+O)

Indian Journal of Marketing

Indian Journal of Paediatrics

Indian Journal of Public Administration

Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics (P+O)

Indian Journal of Tradition Knowledge

Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi, Delhi)

Indian Phytopathology (Online only)

Indian Silk (P+O)

Indian Textile Journal (P+O)


International Communication Gazette

International Development Planning Review

International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing (P+O)

International Journal of Cloud Computing (P+O)

International Journal of Constitutional Law

International Journal of Embedded Systems (P+O)

International Journal of Human Genetics

International Journal of Information Research

International Journal of Market Research

International Journal of Mobile Communication (P+O)

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution & Information Precessing (P+O)

International Political Science Review

International Relations

International Studies

Intl. Jrl. of Information Security (P+O)

Intl. Jrl. of Multimedia Information Retrieval (P+O)

Islam aur Asr Jadid


Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Journal of Acoustic Society of India (Online only)

Journal of Advertising Research

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of Asian and African Studies

Journal of Asian History

Journal of Asiatic Society Kolkata

Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (P+O)

Journal of Bioscience (P+O)

Journal of Business Law

Journal of Catalysis (Print only)

Journal of Climate (P+O)

Journal of Competition Law and Economics

Journal of Conflict Resolution

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

Journal of Contemporary History

Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology

Journal of Developing Societies

Journal of Earth Systems Sciences (P+O)

Journal of Ecology (Online only)

Journal of Economic and Social History of Orient, Brill

Journal of Economics Literature

Journal of Economics Perspective

Journal of Electrochemical Society (P+O)

Journal of Emerging Market Finance

Journal of Entrepreneurship

Journal of Environmental Biology (P+O)

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Journal of Finance

Journal of Fish Biology (P+O)

Journal of Foraminiferal Research (P+O)

Journal of Geology (P+O)

Journal of Geophysical Research (Solid Earth) (P+O)

Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans (P+O)

Journal of Globalization and Development

Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Journal of Health Management

Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures (P+O)

Journal of Human Biology

Journal of Human Ecology

Journal of Indian Chemical Society (Calcutta) (P+O)

Journal of Indian Law Institute

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

Journal of International Criminal Justice

Journal of Legal Education

Journal of Library Administration

Journal of Management

Journal of Material Culture

Journal of Modern Literature

Journal of Neuroscience (P+O)

Journal of Numismatic Society of India

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

Journal of Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics (Online only)

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Journal of Philosophy

Journal of Physical Oceanography (P+O)

Journal of Physics : condensed matter (Online only)

Journal of Political Economy

Journal of Porous Media (P+O)

Journal of Psychopharmacology (P+O)

Journal of Pure and Applied Ultrasonics (Online only)

Journal of Quantitative Economics

Journal of Research in International Education

Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute

Journal of South Asian Development

Journal of Special Education

Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Journal of Teacher Education

Journal of the American Oriental Society

Journal of the American Statistical Association (Online only)

Journal of the Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth

Journal of the History of Ideas

Jr. of Indian Academic of Arabic

Kala Dirgha

Labour and Industrial Cases

Labour Law Journals

Lalit kala Ancient


Law Quarterly Review

Literary Criterion

Man and Environment

Man in India

Management Accounting (ICWAI)

Management in Education

Management Today

Manpower Journal


Media Culture and Society

Medieval History Journal

Micropaeontology (Marine) (P+O)

MIS Quarterly

MIT Sloan Management Review

Modern Fiction Studies

Modern Law Review

Modern Physics Letter B (Online only)

Nanoscience and Naotechnology Letters (Online only)

National Geographic

Nature (P+O)

Nature Biotechnology (P+O)

Nature Geoscience (P+O)

Nature Materials (P+O)

Nature Nanotechnology (P+O)

Naya Gyanodaya

New Left Review (Incl. N.L.R. Digital Archives)

New Literary History

New Writings

New York Review Books

Nineteenth Century Literature

Optics Letters (Online only)

Oriental Anthropologist

Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Pacific Affairs (P+O)


Palaentographica (Online only)

Paleoceanography (P+O)

Parasitology (P+O)

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Personality and Social Psychology Review

Philosophical Review

Philosophical studies

Philosophical topic

Philosophy Now

Physics Today (Tier 3) (Online only)

Plant Physiology (Online only)


Political Theory

Politics & Society


Proceedings Indian National Science Academy (P+O)

Proceedings of Aristotalian Society

Progress in Human Geography

Psychological Bulletin

Psychological Review

Psychology of Women Quarterly

Public Law

Qande Parsi

Quarterly Journal of Royal Metrological Society (P+O)

Race & Class

Rahe Islam

Reserve Bank of India Bulletin


Review of Educational Research

Review of Metaphysics

Review of Research in Education

Rural Sociology

Sab Ras


Samkaleen Bhartiya Sahitya

Samkaleen kala

Sammelan Patrika



Sangeet Kala Vihar

Sangeet Natak

Science (Online only)

Science of Advance Materials (Online only)

Scientific American (P+O)



SIPRI Year Book (P+O)

Social Psychology Quarterly

Sociologia Ruralis

Sri Prabhu Pratibha

Stanford Law Review

Studies in History

Supreme Court Cases


Tahree a Nau

Tahzeebul Akhlaq

Technology and Culture

Technometrics (Online only)

Textile Research Journal (P+O)

The Anthropologist

The Eastern Anthropologist

The Mind

The Psychoanalytic Review

The Round Table

The Sewanee Review

The Southern Review

Theory & Research in Education

Tulane Drama Review

University News

UPUEA Journal of Economics

Urdu Adab

Urdu Dunia


Varta, Allahabad

Victorian Poetry


Vikalpa (IIM-A)


World Economy

World Literature Today

World Politics

Yale Law Journal

Zaban o adab



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