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National Genomics Core Centre


Establishment of the National Genomics Core Centre at University of Allahabad

The Ministry of Ministry of Science and Technology (Department of Biotechnology) Govt of India approved the creation of a National Genomics Core Phase at University of Allahabad vide its order dated March 3, 2019. The total amount sanctioned to University of Allahabad is Rs Twenty crore six lacs eighty thousand for a period of two years. Prof Syed ibrahim Rizvi of the Biochemistry department will be the Principal Investigator of this project.

The national Genomics Core Phase at University of Allahabad is mandated to provide facilities and expertise for big data storage, management, access and storage. The NGC will also make genomics facilities available to different sectors including basic biology, health, agriculture, forestry, livestock and marine.

The NGC will also be involved in DNA based diagnostics including clinical sequencing. A fully functional NGC would help to generate employment in various domains including academia, engineering , and genomic diagnostics.