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National Centre of Experimental Petrology and Mineralogy


The National Centre of Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology (NCEMP) is an Institute of University of Allahabad. This institute is a Research Institute and was established for the advancement of high-pressure-temperature research in India. The research facilities like Multi-anvil High P-T equipment and Piston cylinder apparatus are unique in India. The High pressure lab has apparata capable of reproducing and maintaining for many hours the conditions where petrological processes occur, ranging from the surface of the earth to depths of about 750 kilometers. In high-pressure lab pressures ranging from 1 atm to 25 GPa and temperatures ranging from few hundred to 2000 degree centigrades could be achieved.

This lab has Walker type Multi-Anvil High Pressure Apparatus (from Rockland Research, USA), Piston cylinder apparatus, and Hydrothermal apparatus for studying the earth from crust to full upper mantle. This lab also has different types of furnaces (for achieving temperatures up-to 1700 degree centigrades) for sample preparation and melting of silicates and oxides.

For analytical study of the very small samples produced by High-pressure-temperature studies the institute also has analytical facilities like Electron Probe Micro Analyser, Poweder XRD, and polarizing geological microscopes.

Presently Prof. S. D. Dixit is the Director of this institute. Previous directors of this institute were Prof. Alok K. Gupta, Prof. S. G. Prakash, Prof. S. D. Dixit and Prof. Somnath Dasgupta.

At present there are two scientists involved in high quality research work in the institute (1) Dr. Mrigank Mauli Dwivedi and (2) Dr. Kamlesh Pandey. There is another post of Scientist-B who is on leave since February 2009. Prof. Alok K. Gupta is working as a Rajaramanna Fellow (DAE-BRNS scheme till December 2012). The institute has Ph.D. Students, Research Assistant/ SRF/ Research Associate pursuing their research in this institute.

This institute is actively pursuing research in the field of phase studies of minerals, conductivity studies, seismic velocity measurements at high pressure and temperature. The scientists of this institute are also pursuing research in the field of interdisciplinary areas like nano polymers, composites and their device applications. The research facilities of this institute are also used by research students and faculty members of several research Institutes and Universities of northern region. The research work being done in this institute is regularly being published in high impact factor international journals.