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Centre for Globalization and Development Studies is a pioneering centre at the University of Allahabad, a Central University, established by an Act of the Indian Parliament, to study and research phenomena and processes of globalization and development with inter-disciplinary approaches.

Globalization is being viewed with varieties of perspectives ranging from epistemological, analytical and critical to grassroots civil society and public action across the world. Sometimes, it is simply viewed as polemic and semantic. Of late, this phenomenon has assumed enormous significance, which necessitates its critical examination from multi-disciplinarian perspectives as it tends to influence each and every domain of our life either in a minor or major way. This is also seen as a shaping factor of the world in the twenty-first century as it could lead to restructuring of the global order, economies and societies having implications on the overall development discourse/s, especially since the end of the Cold War.

At the same time, contemporary ideas of development are also undergoing process of redefinitions in all fields of intellectual enquiry as well as leading to debates and dissents. These processes affect not only economic development of the countries through integration of capital but also bear implications for human development, discourses of rights and entitlements and boundaries of nation-states.

Furthermore, it is equally important to get engaged from the point of the developing societies like India and others. Currently, these societies are undergoing various processes of transformation that require in-depth enquiry so as to understand its relevance not only for academicians, researchers and policy makers but also for general people at large.