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General terms and conditions for institution of medals

1. Endowments and donations for the award of Gold medals will be accepted by the University of Allahabad, from individuals, societies, institutions, organisations, etc, under the following conditions:-

  1. The individual donating the medal should be either an eminent Educationist or a social worker of high repute. The societies, institutions, organizations etc. should be associated with the work of public welfare. The donator individuals should bear good moral character. However the University reserves the rights of accepting or rejecting any medal donor.
  2. No endowment of an amount less than Rs. 2,00,000/- for award of Gold medal will be accepted.
  3. No endowment, donation or medal shall be instituted and awarded on the basis of religion, caste, community or organization.
  4. Endowments from foreign individuals, societies, organizations etc shall not be accepted without the prior approval of the Government.
  5. Proposal for institution of the endowment and medal shall be submitted to the Vice Chancellor, University of Allahabad.
  6. The proposal for instituting the award/medal and the terms of the award shall be examined by a committee and approved by the Vice Chancellor, before the final decision.
  7. An MOU / agreement shall be signed by the University and the donor, clearly specifying the terms and conditions.
  8. The entire amount of endowment and the interest earned thereof shall be utilized to defray the expenses incurred towards the cost of the Gold Medal.
  9. The medals shall be called ‘……………………………(name) University of Allahabad Gold Medal’ and shall be awarded every year, as per the criteria for award of medals and the MOU with the donor.
  10. The medal will be of silver, with a polish of pure Gold and inscriptions will be made upon it. The shape and size of medal will be standard shape and size of medals, as decided by the University of Allahabad.
  11. The University shall have the power to negotiate with the donor for increasing the donation, whenever the funds are insufficient to carry out the purposes to which the funds have been endowed.
  12. In the event of refusal by the donor to increase the endowment, the University shall have the power to cancel the endowment.
  13. The University may approve any change in terms and conditions, and inform same to the donor.

2. University Gold Medals shall be awarded each year during the convocation, for outstanding candidates and as per the guidelines of medal, for the different courses / subjects / papers of subject. The details of courses of University of Allahabad are available at official website of University