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General Terms and Conditions

Endowments and donations for the award of Scholarships will be accepted by the University of Allahabad, from individuals, societies, institutions, organizations, trusts  etc., under the following conditions:-

  1. The donation and endowment may normally be accepted from University of Allahabad Alumni, an eminent Educationist, industrialist, societies, institutions, trusts, or a social worker of high repute, and for the others, the matter may be examined on a case-to-case basis and be decided on the merit of case.
  2. The societies, institutions, organizations, trusts etc. should be associated with the work of public welfare. The donator individuals should bear good moral character.
  3. Donations and endowment may not be accepted from any religious or political party.
  4. The University reserves the rights of accepting or rejecting any scholarship proposal.
  5. No endowment of an amount less than Rs. 2,50,000/- for award of Scholarship.
  6. Endowments from foreign individuals, societies, organizations, trusts etc shall not be accepted without the prior approval of the Government.
  7. Proposal for institution of the endowment and scholarship shall be submitted to the Vice Chancellor, University of Allahabad.
  8. The proposal for instituting the scholarship and the terms of the scholarship shall be examined by a committee and approved by the Vice Chancellor, before the final decision.
  9. The entire amount of endowment and the interest earned thereof shall be utilized to defray the expenses incurred towards the cost of the scholarship.
  10. The area of scholarship is as per the donor’s choice.
  11. The scholarships could be named after a person who has made a distinct and significant contribution in the relevant field. A suggestive names (but are not limited to) of scholarship are attached.
  12. The University shall have the power to negotiate with the donor for increasing the donation, whenever the funds are insufficient to carry out the purposes to which the funds have been endowed.
  13. In the event of refusal by the donor to increase the endowment, the University shall have the power to cancel the endowment.
  14. The University may approve any change in terms and conditions, and inform same to the donor.