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Dr. Brajendra Singh    

  • Synthesis, structural, magnetic, transport, magneto transport and Magnetoelectric properties in bulk and thin films of Perovskite Manganites
  • Synthesis, structural and electrochemical properties of materials used for battery Applications
  • Synthesis, structural, physical property, antimicrobial and cell culture studies of Hydroxyapatite, calcium phosphates Biomaterials and other materials for bio applications
  • Synthesis, structural, morphological and physical characterization of Gas sensing Materials

Dr. Manoj K. Singh

Developing new single phase and artificially designed multiferroic, spintronics and energy harvesting materials in thin film and nanostructure phase. We are also focused to understand the physics of magnetoelectric (ME) coupling in multiferroic materials which offer a whole range of new applications, including the emerging field of spintronics, new data-storage media, and multiple-state memories. In addition, Raman spectroscopy is used to study the phase transitions, effects of stoichiometry on the properties of several emergent materials.

Dr. Prashant Dubey

  • Synthesis of various carbon nanostructures including tubes and its water-solubilization

  • Development of CNT based Toxic Gas- and Bio-sensors, Fabrication of catalyst materials by various techniques, Fabrication of field emission display (FED) based on CNT structures

  • Synthesis of Pt-based drugs and its interaction with DNA, Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble porphyrins/metalloporphyrins

  • Synthesis and kinetic studies of transition metal related inorganic compounds.

Dr. Rajiv Giri

  • Study of surface modifications, interfaces and defects employing TEM.

  • Tailoring of specimen preparation techniques for materials

  • Microstructural investigation and properties correlation of metals, ceramics and nanomaterials

  • Synthesis and characterization of perovskite related oxides

  • Synthesis and characterization of different Cuprate class, MgB2 intermetallic Superconductors, Ru based magnetosuperconductors and their doped versions and find out the possible correlation between superconducting properties and structural/ microstructural characteristics.

Dr. Ravindra Dhar

  • Phase diagram of induced meso-phases in chiral nematic-smectic materials

  • Electrical, optical and thermodynamic properties of twist grain boundary (TGB) phases of liquid crystals

  • Ion implantation and effect of various radiations (Gama, electron and ion beams) on liquid crystal display materials, Ferro and anti ferro electric materials

  • Formulation and characterisation of multi-component liquid crystal display materials

  • Dielectric and electro-optical properties of Liquid Crystal-Nano composite materials and Energy harvesting materials.

For further details, please see publications of the group.

List of graduated D. Phill scholars along with their thesis topic and guide’s name:
1. Mr. Rohit Verma
Topic: Effect of Radiations on Liquid Crystal Display Materials.
Supervisor: Dr Ravindra Dhar

2. Ms. Aanchal Dwivedi
Topic: Dielectric Spectroscopic, Electro-optical and Switching Studies of the Antiferro-electric Liquid Crystals.
Supervisor: Dr Ravindra Dhar

3. Mr. Abhay Shanker Pandey
Topic: Dielectric and Electro-optical Studies of Twist Grain Boundary Phases.
Supervisor: Dr Ravindra Dhar