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“Centre of Material Sciences” started its active functioning in the year 2009 with the appointment of its permanent faculty members. Centre is presently located in Nehru Science Complex building in science faculty. Faculty members are well trained for leading research in ‘Materials Science’ from prestigious reputed institutes of India and abroad. They are intensively engaged in research of various types of materials, which includes Biomaterials, Carbon nano structures, Energy Harvesting Materials, Ferroic and Multiferroic, Liquid Crystals and other Display Materials, Magnetoelectronic, Magnetoresistive, Soft Materials, Spintronics, Superconducting Materials in nano, bulk, thin films and devices. Faculty members have developed individual (i) international collaborations with Ireland, Poland, Spain, UK, France, South Korea, Germany and USA (ii) national collaborations with various institutes i.e. NPL, Delhi, RRCAT Indore, IISC Bangalore, IIT Kanpur, NCL Pune etc. Centre is continuously getting funding for research from various funding agencies i.e. Department of Science and Technology -DST, Department of Information Technology - DIT, Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences-BRNS, University Grant Commission – UGC and University of Allahabad. In the short span, faculty members have more than 150 international research publications in reputed journals in their credit. Main aim of the centre is to train the students of Master of Science (M. Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (D. Phil) to carry out high end research in the interdisciplinary areas to cater the present high tech need of the society.

About Materials Science

Materials Science aims the development of new materials and the improvement of existing materials for applications to meet the requirement of leading edge of technology. In broad sense, subject scope of ‘Materials Science’ covers entire materials’ cycle i.e. from mining and refining of natural raw materials and synthesis/processing of artificial materials to the level of utilization of finished materials. Over the years, Materials Science has become an important discipline and has broadened its area from traditional metallurgical materials to advanced functional materials for devices as well as bio-materials for the well being of the human. Thus Materials Science is truly multidisciplinary subject encompassing Chemistry for synthesis, Physics for properties study and Engineering for development of devices. Currently, Materials Science has now grown as a well established independent subject. Several academic courses useful for the society are being run by the Universities and various Research centres in India as well as abroad.