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ZHindi Text

Books & Bound Vols Journals 685110
Ph. D. Thesis 16130
e-Books 2155
Current Journals 461
On-Line Journals 11223
Databases 16
Current Popular Magazines 29
Newspapers 17


Apart from its significant holdings of books, journals and other documentary materials, the library has collections of rare objects of historical value and considerable research/archival importance, such as: A good collection of Coins of the Medieval and early Modern periods of Indian History, and antique Manuscripts (presently stored in three large almirahs) as well as Documents, which are proposed to be photographed and catalogued for ready availability to researchers. The Manuscripts/ Documents include the valuable items i. e. some original Farmans of Mughal Rules; a copy of the Tripitaka written in the Burmese script on gold-plated metal strips; considerable collection of First Editions of books of great antiquarian value.

Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC) and Anglo American Cataloguing Rules-2nd edition (AACR-2) are followed for the purpose of classifying and cataloguing the documents. Creation of database of documents is in progress using LIBSYS-4 software. Creation of database of Ph.D. thesis is completed. Record of about 75,000 books has also been created. Digitalization of old documents is in progress. We have already digitalized approximate 25,000 (twenty five thousand) books under Government of India UDL project being carried out at IIIT, Allahabad. Efforts are being to develop a digital library lab with sufficient equipments for digitalization of documents as well as management and access of e-resources.

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