Tentative Schedule for the Session 2019-2020

 Refresher Course (s)

Sl. No.

Subject Refresher Course (S.R.C.)

Date of schedule

Course Coordinator Topic of Course List of Applicants



10.12.2019 to 23.12.2019

Prof. I. R. Siddiqui, Chemistry Department Modern Techniques in Chemistry



20.08.2019  to 02.09.2019 

Prof. Y. P Singh 

 Hindi Department

Mob No: 9415050808

Email: singhyprd@gmail.com

Chhayawad : ek punamulayakan


Mathematics & Statistics

10.10.2019 to 23.10.2019

Prof. Satya Deo 
Mathematics Department
Notions and Applications


Teachers Educators

12.02.2020 to 25.02.2020

Prof. Dhananjay Yadav
Head, Department of Education


Business Studies (Commerce, Economics & Management)(Seat Full)

09.01.2020 to 22.01.2020

Dr. Pradeep Singh
 Economics Department 




Environmental Awarness & Disaster Management (Seat Full)

26.11.2019 to 09.12.2019 

Prof. A. R. Siddiqui
Department of Geography


Research Methodology in SocialSciences   (Seat Full)

31.01.2020 to 13.02.2020

Prof. Badri Narayan Tiwari
Director, GBPSSI



19.02.2020 to 03.03.2020

Prof. P. C. Singh
Head, Department of English

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  1. Tentative schedule is subject to availability of requisite number of applications in a course and availability of funds.
  2. Since the dates of the courses are subject to change, the teachers should come to attend the course when invited.


Please Note:   

  • As per 12th plan Guidelines of UGC, The UGC- Academic Staff College, are known as UGC-Human Resource Development Centre from February 2015.
  • All the above Programmes will be conducted by adhering with the 12th Plan Guidelines of UGC. Since the dates of the programmes are subject to change, The Participants should come to attend the course/ programme when invited. 
  • The interested candidates are advised to apply at the earliest with a registration fee of Rs. 1000/- Bank Draft (Non-refundable) drawn in favour of Director, HRDC, University of Allahabad, payable at Allahabad  to secure the admission. The minimum number of participants shall be 30 for regular courses. The last date for receiving application form duly filled in for each programme will be 15 days in advance prior to commencement of the respective programme.
  • Teachers working in universities and colleges that are included under Section 2(f) of the  UGC Act, even though they may not yet be fit to be included under Section 12 (B), may be invited to participate in the Orientation Programmes and Refresher Programmes. The teachers of colleges that do not yet come within the purview of Section 12(B), but have been affiliated to a university for at least two years, will be permitted to participate in the programmes/courses. However, they won’t be paid TA/DA and other allowances for attending these courses.
  • For the Orientation Programmes, newly appointed Assistant Professors within two years of continuous service and all those teachers who require orientation for getting a higher grade will be allowed. Attendance in Orientation programmes would be must for placement in the higher grade pay.
  • For the Refresher Courses, participation in the Orientation Programme is a prerequisite for admission. However, in exceptional cases a teacher may be allowed to complete a Refresher Course prior to completion of an Orientation Programme. Also, there should be a minimum gap of one year between two courses, though it may be relaxed if adequate number of participants is not available or it is essential for the teacher to fulfill eligibility conditions for career advancement.
  • The Orientation Programme will be of four weeks duration, with minimum of 24 working days (excluding Sundays) and 144 contact hours (six hours a day). The refresher course will be of three weeks duration, with minimum of 18 working days (excluding Sundays) and 108 contact hours (six hours a day). If a participant fails to complete the requisite contact hours in a programme, he may be permitted to make up for the backlog hours at his/her own cost in another programme by the RCCB and HRDCs concerned.
  • Part time/ Ad hoc/temporary/contract teachers who have been teaching for at least three academic sessions in an institution which has been affiliated to a University for at least two years may be permitted to participate in the Orientation Programme/ Refresher Course to enhance their skills. However, they won’t be paid TA/DA and other allowances for attending these courses.