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Title of Event Type Department/Centre Date of Event Date of Posting
25th Natioanl Seminar on "Liquid Crystal" Three Day National Conference Centre of Materials Science, IIDS 19 Dec-21 Dec, 2018 17 Sept 2018
National Seminar on " Problems of Caste In India:Investigating History and Historiography" Two day National Seminar Department of Medieval and  Modern History 29 Nov-30 Nov, 2018 12 Sept 2018
14-Day Workshop on "A Workshop of Hands on techniques used in biotechnology" 14 Day Workshop Centre of Biotechnology, IIDS 17th Dec 2018- 01 Jan 2019 09 August 2018
6-Day Traininig Program on Academic Leadership and Education Management 6 Day Training Program  North Hall, Senate Hall Campus UoA, Allahabad 20 Sep- 26 Sep, 2018 20 Aug 2018
One-Day Online Workshop on "RS and GIS Applicationin Hydro-Meteorological Disaster Management" One Day Online Workshop K. Banerjee Centre of Atmospheric & Ocean Studies, IIDS 15 May, 2018 04 May 2018
International Conference on "ADVANCES IN COMPUTING, CONTROL AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY" International Conference Centre of Computer Education, IPS 21-23 September, 2018 26 April 2018
Two day National Seminar on " श्रीमदभगवतगीता के विविध आयाम "   Two day national Seminar Department of Sanskrit 05-06 May, 2018 12 April 2018
4-Day Traininig Program on Academic Leadership and Education Management 4 Day Training Program  University Guest House, Chatham Lines, Allahabad 24 -27 April, 2018 19  March 2018
International Conference on Emerging Trends in Communication, Computing and Electronics (IC3E-2018) Three day International Conference Department of Electronics and Communication  13 -15 April, 2018 24 Jan 2018
International seminar on "SUFISM & SUFI MUSIC" Two day International Seminar Department of Music and Performing Arts 08 Feb - 09 Feb, 2018 03 Jan 2018
National Food Conference (NFC-2018) on "Agriculture and Technology Innovation for nutritional Security" Two day National  Conference Centre of Food Technology 09 Feb - 10 Feb, 2018 23 October, 2017
National Seminar on "History of Leather Working Castes in India: Social Transformation and Challenges" Two day national Seminar Department of Modern History 28 Oct - 29 Oct, 2017 31 August 2017
International seminar on "Literacy & Social Importance of Travelogues" Two day International Seminar Department of Arabic and Persian 19 Sep - 20 Sep, 2017 01 Sep, 2017
Meghnad Saha Memorial International Symposium-cum-workshop on “Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy” February19-21, 2018 Three day workshop Department of Physics 19 Feb - 21 Feb, 2018 29 August 2017
Seminar on " New paradigms based on information retrieval for natural language processing" One Day Seminar Center of food technology, Multipurpose hall, Science faculty


Summer Training Programme Two Week
National Centre of Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology (NCEMP)
25 May- 8 June, 2017 28-03-2017
National Seminar on “Twenty-Five Years of Economic Reforms in India: The Path Ahead” Two Day Seminar Department of Economics March 25-26, 2017 17-03-2017
Seminar on "Veins Based system and Smart Card Technologies" One Day Seminar

Centre of Computer Education,

Institute of Professional Studies

21 Jan 2017 19-01-2017
International Conference on Emerging Materials & Applications (ICEMA-2017) on February 20 – 22, 2017 Three Day International Conference  Department of Physics Februray 20-22, 2017 20-12-2016
National Seminar on New Archaeological Insights and Historical Perspectives: Revisting India's past One Day National Seminar Department of Ancient History December 09, 2016 09-11-2016
Hands on workshop on system cell biology techniques
One Week Workshop
Center of Biotechnology
Septmber 01-08,  2016 02-06-2016
National Seminar on Ethnicity and Nation Building in South Asia
Two Days National Seminar
Rajiv Gandhi Chair in Contemporary Studies
April 29 - 30 2016 29-03-2016
National Seminar on Indian Languages in the Province of Law & Justice
Two Days National Seminar
Department of Law
February 27-28, 2016 20-01-2016
International Conference on 'Truth is one, Sages Call (it) Differently'
Three Days International Conference
Department of Sanskrit
February 16 - 18, 2016 16-01-2016
Indo-Polish Seminar on Advanced Materials
Two Days Seminar
Centre of  Material Sciences
February 05-06, 2016 09-01-2016
International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Communication Technology
Three DaysInternational Conference
Centre of Computer Education,
Institute of Professional Studies
March 25 - 27, 2016 24-11-2015
Seminar on Software Defined Networks (SDN)
One Day Seminar
Centre of Computer Education (CCE), Institute of Professional Studies
November 18, 2015 14-11-2015
Central Library in collaboration with Springer (India) Pvt Ltd is going to organize an Author Workshop
One Day Workshop
Central Library
October 30, 2015 29-10-2015
Seminar on Sentiment Analysis & its Applications
One Day Seminar
Centre of Computer Education (CCE), Institute of Professional Studies
October 31, 2015 24-10-2015
18th International Conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences (CONIAPS XVIII) on "Recent Trends in Physical Sciences"
International Conference
Faculty of Science
December 22-24, 2015 17-10-2015
National Workshop on High P-T Techniques for Material Synthesis and Characterization
One Week Workshop
National Centre of Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology (NCEMP)
November 23-29, 2015 12-10-2015
IEEE Seminar on "Big Data: Challenges and Solutions"
One Day Seminar
Centre of Computer Education (CCE), Institute of Professional Studies
October 06, 2015 01-10-2015
National Workshop on Understanding Statistics through MS-EXCEL and SPSS
One Week Workshop
Department of Statistics
September 07-12, 2015 14-08-2015
One-day workshop on – 'Role of Educational Institutions in U.P. in Impacting Health Concerns of Women and Children'
One Day Workshop
Department of Sociology
July 28, 2015 25-07-2015
International Conference on Light Quanta: Modern Perspectives & Applications (ICLQMPA 15)
International Seminar
Department of Physics
Dec 14-16, 2015 25-07-2015
International Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics (ICRTM 2015)
International Seminar
Department of Mathematics
July 10-12, 2015 27-04-2015
National Seminar on "State, Marginality and Empowerment"
Rajiv Gandhi Chair in Contemporary Studies
April 30 to May 1, 2015 06-04-2015
National Seminar on Theory & Teaching of English 20th and 21st January 2015
Deprtment of English & MEL
20 & 21 January 2015 16-12-2014
National Conference on Differential Geometry and Its Applications (DGACON 2014)
Department of Mathematics
27 & 28 December 2014 13-12-2014
Brief Report of the National Seminar on Everyday Heroines: Justice, Poverty and Development
Department of Political Science
4 March 2014 05-12-2014
International Conference on Globalization, Environment, Education and Culture: India and Canada
University of Allahabad, Allahabad & Indian Association for Canadian Studies
5-7 January 2015 21-10-2014
One Day National Seminar on Pd. Deen Dayal Upadhaya
Department of Geography
27-09-2014 16-09-2014
An International Conference on "Contemporary Global Economic Issues
International Conference
Department of Economics
12-14 December 2014 25-06-2014