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                                                      EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT

                                                                 Calendar of Events/Action Plans
                                                                  October 2017- December 2018

Name of the institution: University of Allahabad


Date of Activity

Name/Type of activity

Place to be conducted

Nodal person for program with contact details


October 1-15, 2017

Removal of posters/ banners from the university campuses and surroundings

University campuses and surroundings

Prof. N. B. Singh



October 16-31, 2017

Disposal of old files

Various departments and offices


Nov 1-15, 2017

Training on mushroom farming

Department of Botany and constituents colleges


Nov 4-30, 2017

Mushroom cultivation

Department of Botany and constituents colleges


Dec 1-30, 2017

Training on vermi-composting

Department of Botany and constituent colleges


Jan, 2017

Disposals/auction/repair of old furniture

Departments and offices


Jan 21- Feb 15, 2018

Cleaning and sweeping and removal of garbage, polythene, etc.

Employees colonies


Feb 15-28 , 2018

Cleaning, sweeping, removal of garbage, polythenes and other waste.

University hostels


March 1-31, 2018

Composting of leaf litter and plant wastes

Various campuses of the


April 1-15, 2018

Clean Ganga Abhiyan

Ganga river, confluence of Ganga and Yamuna


April 16-30, 2018

Clean Yamuna Abhiyan

Collection and removal of wastes from the Yamuna river.

Yamuna river


May 1-15, 2018

Swachhta Abhiyan

University Campuses and Surroundings


May 16-31, 2018

Swachhta Abhiyan

Parks and in the city including Chandra Shekhar Azad Park


June 1-15, 2018

Composting of horticultural wastes

University and Colleges


June 16-30, 2018

Cleaning in public institutions, orphanages etc.

Public institutions, orphanages etc.


July 1- Aug 31, 2018


University campuses and colleges


Sep 1-30, 2018

Training on mushroom farming and mushroom cultivation

University, Constituent Colleges and neighboring villages


Oct 1-31, 2018

Training on vermi-composting students and  farmers will be involved


University and  Constituent colleges


Nov 1-15, 2018

To learn the processes for disposal of garbage and wastes, etc.

University and  Constituent colleges


Nov 16-20, 2018

To learn the process of disposals of wastes by Nagar Nigam

Waste disposal sites of Nagar Nigam


Nov 21-30, 2018

To learn the process of disposal of waste from the hospitals and cleaning in the hospitals

Government hospitals


Dec 1-30, 2018


In schools and colleges of the city

All the activities mentioned above will be undertaken by the University and Constituent Colleges. Procession, rallies and seminars will be organized by the University and constituents colleges to aware the students and people.


                                                     Swachhta Hi Seva
                                               (Swachhta Abhiyan-2017)
                                                         (15th September-02nd October, 2017)

Following activities have been under taken during Swachhta Abhiyan named as Swachhta Hi Seva on (Sept 15-Oct 02), 2017.

Sept 15- Lawn in front of the building of Allahabad University union-The grasses and weeds, garbage, polythenes etc. have been collected and transported to dumping centre Of Nagar Nigam, Allahabad. Water of fountain was cleaned. Algae floating in the water of fountain along with other waste materials were removed. 20 saplings of Ficus have been planted in the park.

Sept 16-21- Cleaning of Senate house. Weeds growing on the roof of Senate House, AU have been removed. Cleaning and sweeping of the Senate house were done.

Sept 19- FCI academic Campus was cleaned. Weeds, garbage, polythenes, etc. have been collected and transported to dumping site of Nagar Nigam.

Sept 22- A park situated at the Lalla Chungi on the side of Women’s Hostel. Campus, University of Allahabad was cleaned Hedge was pruned, garbage, polythenes and other wastes have been collected and transported to dumping centre.

Sept 23- The lawn infront of Senate House, AU was cleaned, garbage, polythenes and other wastes have been collected.

Sept 24- FCI Academic Complex- garbage, polythenes and unwanted weeds and plants have been collected and removed.

Sept 25-27- Removal of garbage, weeds and cleaning and sweeping activities were undertaken in Women’s Hostel campus.

Sept 27- Participated in procession of students and NCC cadets to create awareness among students. cleaning and sweeping , collection of garbage and polythene were done.

Sept 28- Removal of garbage and polythenes in the Teacher’s colony, Chaitham lines and FCI campus was done.

Sept 29- Removal of weeds and wastes from the area around the Department of Ancient History was done.

Sept 30- Removal of bushes and unwanted plants, garbage and polythenes from the area around the Department of Medieval History was done.

0ct 1- Cleaning and sweeping and removal of wastes, garbage from the area around the Department of Chemistry and Medieval History.

Oct 2- Cleaning and sweeping in around the Gandhi Bhawan, AU were undertaken. 5 saplings Bottle brush (03) and Putranjiva (02) were planted by Prof. R. L. Hangloo, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University and guests.

Plantation in various campuses was done. Following saplings of trees were planted.



Department/ Centres

Melia indica (neem)


Infront of Medieval History Department

Ficus benjamina


Medieval History

Ficus benjamina


Department of Chemistry

Polyalthia longifolia


Teacher’s colony , AU

Ficus sp.



Mimusops elengi (moulsri)


Bank road

Calliandra lanceolatus (bottle brush)


Gandhi Bhawan, AU











Besides, we are using leaf litter and horticultural wastes for composting. Plants wastes are being used as mulch (plant waste cover) to control the growth of unwanted plant and weeds.

During the Swachhta Abhiyan (Swachhta Hi Seva) students, gardeners and sweepers and faculty members have actively participated to keep the campus clean and green.

Dustbins/containers for biodegradable and nonbiodegradable wastes have been fixed in the various campuses of the University.

Slogans regarding the clean and green campus have been displayed in the University campus to motivate the students.

Detailed information about the activities undertaken during the period are also uploaded on the Facebook account (Narsingh Bahadur Singh, Professor of Botany, University of Allahabad) and youtube (id n b singh)

                                                 Swachhta Pakhwada-2017
                                                         (1-15 September)

Following activities have been under taken to keep the campus clean and green. A team of the University comprising of students, gardeners and sweepers was actively engaged. The departments, centers and institutes have also participated in the activities of Swachhta Pakhwada 2017.

1.      Clean Campus Day (1-09-2017) - Collection of polythenes, garbage and cleaning. Plantation of 50 saplings in science faculty.

2.      Clean Hostel Day (2-09-2017)- Cleaning in KPUC and area around Dharbhanga Hall, University

3.      Green Campus Day (3-09-2017) - Collection of polythenes, garbage and cleaning in Tara Chand Hostel. 50 saplings planted in Tara Chand Hostel and in Commerce faculty. Cleaning and plantation of 25 saplings in Tilak Trust. Plantation in Government Girls Inter College.

4.      Clean Mess Day (4-09-2017) – Clean Mess Day was observed under the supervision of DSW. Collection of garbage and polythenes. Cleaning of horticultural wastes (leaf litter). Collection of garbage, cleaning and plantation of 25 saplings in faculty of Law.

5.      Essay contest (5-09-2017)- Teacher’s day. Plantation of 70 saplings in Faculty of Science. Plantation in front of Nehru Science Centre way towards Company Bagh. 28 saplings have been planted in Home Science Department. Plantation of 20 saplings in lawn in frontof gymnasium in MCC Campus by the student and faculty of  Department of Statistics. Essay contest was held at Physics Department. Thirty nine students have participated in which Harshita Maurya (B.Sc. 3rd) secured first position.

6.      Clean Surroundings Day (6-09-2017)- Cleaning, sweeping and collection of garbage etc. on the sides of road starting from the Gandhi Bhawan, A.U and on the sides of Commissioner residence to Bank Road Chauraha and Guest house University of Allahabad.

7.      Care for the surroundings (7-09-2017) - Cleaning, sweeping in front of canteen in Arts Faculty and Proctors office. Plantation of 100 saplings of Ficusbenjaminain the lawns in front of the Senate House.

8.      Care for the surroundings (8-09-2017) - Visited slum/village to explain the concept of cleanliness and health. NSS units to participate in the campaign. Cleaning, sweeping and removal of collection of garbage and polythenes and plantation in AcharyaNarendreDeo park in front of Allahabad University Union Building.

9.      Care for surroundings (9-09-2017) - Visited markets nearby to study systems for cleaning and N.S.S. units have participated. In addition removal of garbage, polythenes, bottles. Cleaning and sweeping behind the Department of Chemistry and Zoology have been under taken.

10.  Care for the surroundings (10-09-2017) Visited Government Hospital to study the Hygiene & systems for disposal of garbage & hospital wastes.  N.S.S. units participated. Removal of garbage, polythenes, bottles. Cleaning & sweeping behind the Department of Chemistry.

11.  Care for the surroundings (11-09-2017) - Visited Institutions for the poor (orphanages) etc. Cleaning on the sides of Motilal Nehru Road from LallaChungi to AnandBhawan Student and faculty of Department of Sociology have also participated in the activities.

12.  Care for the surroundings (12-09-2017) - Debriefing session with the Commissioner local body about the system of cleanliness. Selected students volunteers have participated. Cleaning in FCI campus. Plantation in front of university union building was done. Saplings25 have been planted.

13.  Cleanest hostel room contest (13-09-2017) - Cleanest room contest was organized by the Warden and Superintendent of different hostels under the supervision of DSW. Cleanest room award was given to Miss Nahid Khan andPoojaPandey of Sarojini Naidu hostel and Mr. HimanshVerma of Sir P.C. Banerjee hostel among boy’s hostel. Cleaning, removal of garbage and polythenes in FCI Campus and Commerce faculty were under taken.

14.  Elocution contest on Health & Hygiene and is the real Wealth (14-09-2017) –elocution contest was organized Miss JoohiM.Sc, food technology  has secured first position. Removal of garbage and polythenes have been done in FCI Academic Complex and in Faculty of Commerce).

15.  Closing ceremony for distribution of prizes & Certificates for participant (15-09-2017) - Short film competition was organized on 8th Sept. 2017 AmitSrivastava andVinay Kumar Yadav of centre for Media studies and AshishChoudhary ,Rishabh Pal and Krishna Prajapati of Photography Department have participated in short film competition and were awarded. Active participants: - MrAnkitVishwakarma ( B.A. II ), Mr Deepak Chaudhary ( B.A. II  ), MrSumitChaudhary ( B.A. II), MrVivekRanjan Singh actively participated in Swachhta Pakwada ( 1-15 sept 2017 ) Plantation was done at Union gate.



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