25 June 2020
Programme Coordinator, National Service Scheme, AU
Webinar on Demystifying Depression
A Webinar on Demystifying Depression was organized at Constituent College of University of Allahabad ,RajarshiTandon Mahila Mahavidyalay  in collaboration with National Service Scheme University of Allahabad  and UNICEF on June24th, 2020 at 02:00 pm. Introducing the topic the principal and convener of the webinar Dr Ranjana Tripathi said that depression is a serious medical illness, it is real and needs to be identified and taken care of like any other medical illness. Strangely enough all voices are hushed when it comes to speaking about depression. A physical injury or ailment draws sympathy of the people around but an equally painful mind cannot be spoken of, even today it is a stigma and this is a major cause of the rise in the number of patients of depression. Even though people have depression they do not realize it and even if they do realize it, societal pressure hinders them from speaking about it. In these times of COVID 19 it is even more relevant as the people are emotionally and economically exhausted and are more prone to suffer from depression . Many eminent Speakers that included Psychiatrists and Psychologists were invited as speakers .Dr. Shashi Tandon,Patron & Chairperson Governing Body, RajarshiTandonMahilaMahavidyalayPrayagraj inaugurated the Webinar. In her inaugural address, she said that we should inculcate strong qualities among our children  and not pressurize them to fulfill our high expectations. She explained how meditation can help one to increase our energy level both of body and of mind.Dr.Alok Bajpai,Consultant Psychiatrist,Regency Hospital,Kanpur expressed his views on,“Identifying Depression: Conceptual Understanding of Depression”. He stated that depression is a mental state and in its core there is sadness. There may be anxiety and negative thoughts but not essentially. He scientificallyexplained the thought process of emotions. He explained that depression at one stage is illness which can be treated by medicines.
Dr. Saurabh Tandon, Consultant Psychiatrist, Nazareth Hospital,Prayagraj gave information on, “Use of Anti-Depressant Medication and Changing the Internal Chemistry”. He said that the word, "depression" has become a joke in today's world. Basically 'depression' is a thinking of our mind. He tried to explain 'depression' in a scientific way and how it affects our happiness. He elaborated on the types of depression and how it may be cured with proper medication and therapy. He threw light on how patients may end their lives if neglected.
Mr.Druv Raj Sharma, Founder and CEO, Logophilia Education threw light on the topic,“How to Stay in-charge of your happiness”.He explained that there are many problems which we don't pay attention to. One such problem is "low self-esteem ". He said that in his workshop of Logophilia Public Speaking, he allows people to speak about themselves. A person should try to understand himself, his desires, and what one wants to do in life and pursue it, this is the key to happiness.
Dr. Jyotsna Sinha, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Science, MNNIT, Prayagraj spoke on, “Wellness and Promotion”. She explained the meaning of demystifying and said depression is not a temporary feeling but it is beyond .If it stays for a long time then a person should seek help. She explained medical definition of depression. It can affect all kinds of people and is not confined to particular types. As per WHO reports, 263 Millions people have been affected by it worldwide and basically women are more affected by it. She explained various causes of depression .One should seek help when in distress and involve oneself in pleasant activities like listening to music meeting friends, things that we enjoy doing.Mindfulness helps in fighting depression.
Dr.Nilam Bahere, Psychiatrist and Mental Health Research Scientist at Public Health Foundation of India, Delhi gave information on, “Management of Depression and Stigma”. She explained depression management and said that depression is due to many external and contributary factors for it. So it is necessary to deal with each. If a person is not physically fit then he is not mentally fit also because physical and mental health both go together. Three things are necessary to maintain them: good eating, sleeping and exercise. We should have balanced diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise.
Mr.Daya Shankar Singh, Communication for Development Officer, UNICEFexpressed his views on,“Stigma and Discrimination”. He spoke about depression in current times linking it with corona's affect. Speaking on the present scenario he said people are becoming depressed due to Covid-19 pandemic. We should try to talk to people who are suffering from depression and try to counsel them. In the current times we should try not to differentiate people on any basis and help everybody.
Dr. Manju Singh, NSS Coordinator, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj delivered her lecture on ,“Challenges before Youth in COVID 19 Times”. She discussed life during the pandemic and how NSS  has served to keep the youth in a positive mode during these tough times.The volunteers were involved in the service to society through creative activities. This instilled in them confidence and positivity .   She also stressed the importance of meditation. One should develop life skills. Positivity in life ,endurance and adaptability help us to face life’s  challenges . Whenever we feel exhausted ,she said,we should think about out our goal and work harder to achieve it, then it is possible to achieve success and happiness.
Mr.Druv Raj Sharma, in his second session, “FAQs: Things everyone must know about about Depression” he discussed various questions frequently asked relating to depression. He spoke about objective researchers. He explained that depression is of two types- one is mood disorder and the other is mental disorder. There is a serious kind of depression which is called- clinical depression. He stated that depression can be cured through medication and therapy.NSS coordinator  ,University of Allahabad Dr Manju Singh delivered the vote of thanks. Over 1600 registrations were done. Many professors, scholars, academicians, researchers, students from India and abroad attended it.