Press Release
  • As per the request of inmates of girls hostels and recommendation of superintendents of respective girls hostel, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor is pleased to approve that internal gates of all girls hostels will be closed at 10:00 PM sharp instead of 09:00 PM. Therefore, proper security measures should be ascertained in each hostel.
  • The CCTV camera installed in the places where privacy of girls inmates may be affected, be removed/uninstalled with immediate effect.
  • February 29, 2020 was the last day of the seven days short term course on “MOOCs, e-content development and open educational resources” conducted under the aegis of the UGC_Human Resource Development Center, University of Allahabad. Considering the technical requirements of the course, practical session was organized on this day. The session was conducted by Prof. Dhanajay Chopra from the Center for Media Studies, University of Allahabad. Participants were shown some available online contents and then they were provided training to create such contents and upload online. It was emphasized that e-content development and uploading in today’s scenario does not require much sophisticated tools and technologies as almost everyone has smart phones. These devices can be used to shoot and upload the content. However, participants were trained in handling video cameras and recording the contents. It was generally observed that people who create written online content (teachers) are not very comfortable when it comes to recording these contents. Issues like remembering the content and delivering the same in front of the camera and delivering it in such a way that it is easily received at the other end needs to be addressed. Issues related with editing and management of online content were also discussed in the session. This was followed by distribution of certificates to the participants. The session ended with a formal vote of thanks from Dr. Prashant Khattri, Assistant Director, UGC_HRDC, University of Allahabad.