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Associate NCC Officer, 6 UP Girls Bn, University of Allahabad
Surgical Strike Day Celebration, 29th September 2018

As per the direction of the Secretary, MHRD ministry, the Surgical Strike Day celebration was carried out in the North Hall of University of Allahabad by the NCC cadets of 2 UP Arty Bty NCC, and 6 UP Battalion (Girls) NCC of Allahabad University with immense zeal and enthusiasm.  The cadets marched out in a rally shouting slogans commemorating surgical strike and spread an awarenessamongst the public regarding the importance of the surgical strike. The NCC cadets gathered in a large number and participated in the celebration through rally that began from 2 UP ARTY BTY NCC. The cadets also highlighted the importance of the surgical strike in the university campus.

                After the rally, the main speakers of the day Col. SushantGovil, Commanding Officer, 6 UP Girls BTN, NCC and Maj. Farah Deeba of the same Battalion were welcomed by Lt. Dr. Neetu Mishra, ANO, 6 UP Girls Battalion.  Col. Sushant explained the meaning of Surgical Strike and elaborated what it means to the defence forces and how it is important to the safety of entire nation. He opined that surgical strike carried out by the defence forces has proved the capability of our defence forces and their commitment to the safety of the mother land. Maj. Farah, in her address to the cadets, pointed out duties and responsibilities of the soldiers and officers of the defence forces, and explained cadets how NCC grooms them to be a responsible citizen of the nation. The NCC cadets applauded the officers when they learnt that both the officers were part of NCC in their academic lives. A short interactive session also took place among the cadets and Col. SushantGovil. The event was also participated by the retired army soldiers, PI staff of 2 UP ARTY BTY NCC and 6 UP Girls Battalion NCC.

                The event came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Lt. Dr. Raju Parghi, ANO, 2 UP ARTY BTY, NCC University of Allahabad. Hethanked the university administration for encouraging the NCC cadets and providing them a platform to interact with the officers of Indian Army on the occasion of Surgical Strike Day Celebration.