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The department of Sociology started in June 2010. The main research thrusts of department are: Agrarian studies, Development studies, social movements, subaltern studies and Sociology of Health and illness. So far, the Department has organized one symposium, one national seminar; one UGC sponsored Refresher Program, one workshop and two consultancy programme.

In the M.A. I semester, the students do conduct field studies individually in their place of residence relating to religious ceremonies and analyses the data in order to write reports. M.A. III semester students conduct library exercise to understand the issues of modernization and development of India in a comparative framework with selected African nations from secondary resources. Field study was conducted by the M.A. II and IV semester class members in the villages near Bhai Haranath Dham, located on the border of Allahabad and Pratapgarh district in the month of March 2015, and also kalyanpur village studied intensively by the Census people in 1960’s in 2014, in order to comprehend the socio-organization of production and the Health related issues......