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Tentative Schedule for the Session 2021-2022

GURU-DAKSHTA Faculty Induction Programme (Online) - 30 Days

Sr. No. Induction Programme(s) Date of schedule Link of the Programme

5th GURU-DAKSHTA faculty Induction Programme

09.11.2021 to 08.12.2021 https://forms.gle/xVXSqbuiqnUmSSYg7

6thGURU-DAKSHTA faculty Induction Programme

05.01.2022 to 03.02.2022 https://forms.gle/4q5yz41scYaPYqoV8

7th GURU-DAKSHTA faculty Induction Programme

25.02.2022 to 26.03.2022 https://forms.gle/6aR1WhgD5z3cs1Kg9

8th GURU-DAKSHTA faculty Induction Programme   

23.03.2022 to 21.04.2022   https://forms.gle/o8RaxAjiFRRtwuRq6
  • Refresher Course(s) (2 Weeks)

Sr. No. Subject Refresher Course (S.R.C.) Date of schedule Link of the Programme


(Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Food Technology, Bioinformatics, Material Science, Environmental Science, Agriculture Science)

10.01.2022 to 24.01.2022 https://forms.gle/TAKkadXVKgEV23yZ8

Climate Change

(Physics, mathematics, Computer Science, Geography, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Geology, Geophysics, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, Climate Studies and other cognate discplines)


17.01.2022 to 30.01.2022



3 Commerce And Business Administration  27.09.2021 to 10.10.2021 Completed
4. Computer Science 15.11.2021 to 28.11.2021 https://forms.gle/NToqsJ7qimqrF2DC8
5. Defense & Strategic Studies 06.09.2021 to 19.09.2021 Completed
6. Economics 25.09.2021 to 08.10.2021 Completed
7. Philosophy 01.02.2022 to 14.02.2022 https://forms.gle/wwCrMzg8rPihXCEF9
8. Physical Education 18.01.2022 to 31.01.2022 https://forms.gle/neKLiqbGKTR3ZGEq5
9. Teachers Educator 07.12.2021 to 20.12.2021 https://forms.gle/DjKEzdywVawXwUwp9
Inter / Multi-disciplinary Refresher Course (2 Weeks) 
10. Information and Communication Technology  25.11.2021 to 08.12.2021 https://forms.gle/53f8XZh7m4T9Dq7q7
11 Research Methodology in Social Sciences 19.09.2021 to 02.10.2021 Completed
12 Disaster Management 24.09.2021 to 07.10.2021 Completed
  • Short Term Courses and Other Programmes

Sr. No. Subject Refresher Course (S.R.C) Date of schedule Links of the Programme
1. One Week S.T.C. on Academic Leadership       14.02.2022 to 20.02.2022 https://forms.gle/sFR5haEum751ByUM6
2. Five day Workshop on NAAC 23.08.2021 to 27.08.2021   
3. One Week S.T.C. on Gender Studies   07.02.2022 to 13.02.2022 https://forms.gle/iZ8rVWTNHP1QcF8U9
4. Training Programme on I.C.T. in Governance for non teaching (One Week)e   12.11.2021 to 18.11.2021 https://forms.gle/Gjq75ywQ3oNhj39LA
5. Webinars can be frequently organized on the topics ranging from Leadership, Ethics, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Language, Research Methodology, MOOCs Development and Delivery, Yoga and Wellness, Disaster Management post COVID etc   To be Announced Programme schedcules and links will be notified shortly on the official website of the University
6. Thematics Popularization of NEP 2020  To be Announced  

Important Instructions

  2. Interested participants may apply online for the above mentioned courses by registering on the Registration links mentioned against each programme
  3. The registration fee for the courses in Rs. 1000/- to be paid by online mode.
  4. Requirements for the programme: Desktop / Laptop with good Internet Speed and Necessary data pack & functional webcam, microphone and headphones.

(Prof. J. A. Ansari)