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June 02, 2016



Workshop (1st -8th September, 2016)


Hands on workshop on stem cell biology techniques”


One week hands- on workshop on stem cell biology techniques will be organized by Centre of Biotechnology, University of Allahabad from 1st September-8th September 2016. Stem Cell Workshop is structured as a one week course with both lecture and hands-on laboratory work. Our expert trainers will guide you through a variety of stem cell techniques and work with you 1:1 to help to learn these novel methods. The details are given below:




Hands on Training



  • Inauguration

  • Media and Feeder layer preparation



  • Culturing and Expansion of stem cells

  • Generation of iPSCs



  • Freezing and thawing of stem cells



  • Comprehensive overview of iPSC technology and valuable discussions regarding  available differentiation protocols for various cell types and downstream uses of  iPSCs



  • Brainstorming



  • Practical laboratory applications such as assessing colony morphology, sub culturing stem cells on feeder cells- all with personal one-on-one guidance



  • Extraction of RNA from stem cells



  • MTT assay for proliferation/cytotoxicity



*This workshop is limited to 10 attendees to provide a comfortable learning experience and allow for personalized interactions between the trainers and attendees. Reserve your seat today!


Note: There will be lectures by experts in the field of stem cell biology


(Last date of receiving the application: 15th August 2016)





Dr. Vinod Verma Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh Prof. M. P.Singh


(Organizing Secretary) (Co-Organizing Secretary) Convener and coordinator                                                                                                                           Centre of Biotechnology





April 04, 2016

Summer Course (20-27 May 2016)

“Hands on training in Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering”

A summer course “Hands on training in Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering” at Centre of Biotechnology, University of Allahabad from 20-27 May 2016. The workshop will include hands on sessions on basic techniques used in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. The details are given below:

S.No. Date Hands on Training
1. 20-05-2016
  • Inauguration
  • Media preparation, sterilization, agar plates, slant preparation and streaking
2. 21-05-2016
  • Genomic DNA preparation from bacterial culture
  • Plasmid DNA isolation
3. 22-05-2016 Brainstorming
4. 23-05-2016
  • Competent cells preparation
  • Transformation
5. 24-05-2016
  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • Colony PCR
6. 25-05-2016
  • Cloning, restriction digestion, ligation & Blue/White selection for recombinant cells
7. 26-05-2016
  • RNA isolation
  • RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase)
8. 27-05-2016
  • Bioinformatic Analysis
  • Closing session & feedback
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Note: There will be lectures by experts in the field of Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering

Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh Dr. Vinod Verma Prof. M.P. Singh
Organizing Secretary
Co-organizing Secretary
Convener & Coordinator
Centre of Biotechnology

BIOKUMBH-2016 (A National Conference on Recent Trends & Advances in Biotechnology)

In recent times, significant advances in biotechnology are impacting our lives as never before. Rapidly emerging field of biotechnology has lots to offer us from genetically modified organisms with desired traits to ecofriendly plastic, biofuels to improved drug and their delivery and so on. However, there are still areas that challenge the researchers in the area. Hence a two days National Conference on Recent Trends & Advances in Biotechnology “BIOKUMBH-2016” was organized by Center of Biotechnology, University of Allahabad during February 20-21, 2016. The Conference was inaugurated by our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. R. L. Hangloo and the chief guest of the event was Prof. Raymond Wegmann, France, a legendry scientist of Biological sciences.

Scientists across the globe participated in the two days Conference and discussed the latest developments in the frontier area of biological science. Scientists from IGIB New Delhi have developed biosensor which can detect heart disease in minutes and predict the possibility of heart attack earlier, previously such early detection of heart ailments was not possible, it used to take long time and many tests to established heart ailments.

Scientist from Maryland University, USA demonstrated that by developing right materials we can make biosensor which will prevent cancer & other dreaded disease. In most of cases when we detect disease, by that time irreparable loss of cells takes place and it becomes difficult to save the life of ailing person.

Prof. M. P. Singh, Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh and Dr. Vinod Verma of Center Of Biotechnology, Allahabad University said by manipulating the gene and changing DNA of living organism, revolutionary changes can be brought and we can increase production and feed starved population, fight disease and develop renewable biofuel.

The organizer of the Biokumbh-2016 Convener Prof. M. P. Singh and Organizing Secretaries Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh and Dr. Vinod Verma of Center of Biotechnology said that selected papers of this Conference will be published in the book as well as prestigious International Journal.

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