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अध्यक्ष एवं कुलसचिव, राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति, इ0वि0वि0ः
14 सितंबर, हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर इलाहाबाद विश्व विद्यालय में हिंदी दिवस समारोह का आयेाजन।
इलाहाबाद विश्ववििद्यालय में 14 सितंबर, हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर राजभाषा अनुभाग के तत्वांवधान में हिंदी दिवस समारोह का आयोजन माननीय कुलपति प्रो0 रतन लाल हांगलू महोदय की अध्यक्षता में आयोजित किया गया है। इस कार्यक्रम के मुख्य अतिथि सेवानिवृत्तव न्यांयमूर्ति श्री अरूण टंडन जी होंगे।  साथ ही इस अवसर पर श्तकनीकी के युग में हिंदीश् विषय पर कार्यशाला का आयोजन भी  किया गया है। इस कार्यशाला के मुख्य वक्ताग डॉ0 धनंजय चोपड़ा, संयोजक (मीडिया स्टषडीज) होंगे। उक्त  कार्यक्रम में प्रो0 एन. के. शुक्लं (अध्यक्ष एवं कुलसचिव, राजभाषा कार्यान्वायन समिति) राजभाषा पखवाड़ा 2018 (14-28 सितंबर) का उद्घाटन करेंगे। सम्पूकर्ण कार्यक्रम प्रो0 संतोष भदौरिया (संयोजक,राण्काण्समिति) के संयोजन में होगा।
अध्यक्ष, दर्शन शास्त्र विभाग, इ0वि0वि0ः
के्रट (CRET) 2018 दर्शन शास्त्र की परीक्षा में अर्ह घोषित उन अभ्यर्थियों की सूची विभाग के नोटिस बोर्ड पर लेवल -2 टेस्ट के लिए लगा दी गई है। अतः वे अभ्यर्थी  अपने सभी मूल प्रमाण पत्रों की छाया प्रति और 3000 शब्दों के शोध प्रस्ताव के साथ प्रवेश फार्म विभाग में दिनांक 17 सितम्बर 2018 तक जमा कर दे। उनके लेवल-2 का टेस्ट विभाग में 22 सितम्बर 2018 को 11 बजे से होगा।
Director, Sports Board, AU:
All those Chess (Men) players of Allahabad University and its constituent college who are interested to take part in selection and trials of Allahabad Univesity Chess (Men) team for Inter University Tournaments 2018-19 are required to report on 18.09.2018 at 10:00 AM  in the office of the Sports Board, faculty of science, AU with Identity Card and latest fee receipt.
Co-Ordinator, Environmental Sciences, Department of Botany, AU:
Environmental Sciences, Department of Botany, UOA: the following candidates short listed for CRET 2018 in Environmental Sciences are required to report in the Department on September 19, 2018 along withtheir original documents including the Caste certificate and submit a set of self attested photo copies of  the documents and a research proposal of their interest. Interview for Level-II of CRET 2018 will be held on September 19, 2018 from 2:00pm onwards. The candidates are also required to give a brief presentation (PPT) of the research proposal.
Head, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, AU:
All the JRF candidates who have applied and candidates qualified CRET 2018 Level- I OF the Earth & Planetary Sciences are required to submit their write up less than 1000 words on any topic of their choice along with self-attested photo copies of testimonials, latest by September 26, 2018 at 1:00pm to the office of the Department. The candidates will be required to present the statement of work in the form of PPT presentation (about 10min) before the DPC members and Observer of the Department and will be followed by personal interview at 2:00pm on September 27, 2018 in the Department.
Head, Department of Sociology, AU
Department of Sociology, University of Allahabad, in collaboration with University Placement Cell and Model Career Centre of the Allahabad University and Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership, New Delhi organized a Workshop on Gandhi Fellowship.  In the deliberation session, Prof. Ashish Saxena, Head of Department of Sociology, welcomed the guest and explained how this program could be beneficial for a better interaction with the wider society, especially for generating leadership skills and capacity building. Mr. Shashwat, the placement officer, introduced the outline of the workshop and explained the need of developing alternative career opportunities. Mr. Virendra Gupta, Program Manager, Piramal school of leadership, New Delhi introduced need for Gandhi Fellowship to the students and scholars. He discussed the advantage of these training for empowerment and national-building. Dr. Muneer Illath, Faculty of the department conducted the event, also discussed the merits of the program. MA Students and Research Scholars of the Department attended the workshop. Students raised their queries about the fellowship which was answered by Ms. Swati of Piramal Foundation. The Session ended with vote of thanks by Mr. Durga Prasad on the behalf of the students for organization of workshop. The event was attended by Ms. Husna, Mr. Satish, Mr. Sunil, Dr. Ragini and scholars of the department.  
Section officer, Research Section, AU:
  • The Viva-Voce of Mr./Ms. Shivi Srivastava, candidate for the D.Phil. Degree of the University on the subject of his/her thesis titled as, “The Impact of Paricipation and Empowerment on Quality of Work Life With Special Reference to Women Employees in Banks.” will be held on October 04, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Department of Commerce, A.U., Allahabad. The examination will be conducted by Prof. J.K. Jain, and Prof. A.K. Singhal. Members of the Academic Council are invited to attend but no T.A./D.A. will be paid.
  • The Viva-Voce of Mr./Ms. Mohd. Irfan, candidate for the D.Phil. Degree of the University on the subject of his/her thesis titled as, “Taraqqi Pasand Shairy Ki Riwait Aur Haqeeqat Moin Ahsan Jazbi Ke Khususi Hawale Se.” will be held on September 24, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Department of Urdu, A.U., Allahabad. The examination will be conducted by Prof. Siarj Ajmali, and Prof. A.A.Fatmi. Members of the Academic Council are invited to attend but no T.A./D.A. will be paid.
  • The Viva-Voce of Mr./Ms. Aqsa Aman, candidate for the D.Phil. Degree of the University on the subject of his/her thesis titled as, “Rajender Singh Bedi Aur Mohan Rakesh Ke Dramon Ka Taqabli Mutaliya.” will be held on October     28, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Department ofCommerce, A.U., Allahabad. The examination will be conducted by Prof. Sahed Ali, and Prof. Atiya Nishat Khan. Members of the Academic Council are invited to attend but no T.A./D.A. will be paid.
Estate Manager, University of Allahabad
Charging of Damages from Unauthorized Occupant of General Pool Accommodation
Joint Registrar(F), AU
On the recommendation of the Dean, Students Welfare, the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, vide order dated 05.09.2018, has been pleased to appoint the following faculty member as Assistant Dean Student Welfare who has consented to be part of Students wellfare efforts and will be available for help and cooperation to the office of the dean students wellfare with immediate effect
                 Assistant Dean Student Welfare
1. Prof. S. I. Rizvi,  Department of Biochemistry
2. Prof. I. R. Siddiqui,  Department of Chemistry
3. Dr. R. S. Yadav J. K. Institute
4. Dr. Surya Narayan Department of Hindi
5. Dr.(Ms.) Neetu Mishra Department of Home Science
6. Dr. Rajesh kumar Garg Department of Hindi
7. Dr. sunil Bikram Singh Department of Hindi
8. Dr. Brajesh Kumar Pandey Department of Hindi
9. Dr. Vivek Kumar Pandey K.B.C.A.O.S
10. Dr.(Ms.) Akanksha Singh Department of Education
11. Dr. N. K. Verma Department of Law
12. Dr. Dharm Nath Uraon Department of Economics
13. Dr. Rahul Patel Department of Anthropology
14 Dr. K. Bhima Kumar Department of Philosophy
15 Dr. P. S. Pundir  Department of Statistics
16 Dr. Roshan Lal Department of Law
17 Dr. Haribans singh Department of Law
18 Dr. Akhilesh Pandey Department of Commerce & Business Administration
19 Dr. Vishal Jain Department of Musics & Performing Arts
20 Dr. Sudha Tripathi Department of Hindi
21 Ms. Amrita Department of Hindi